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Photoshop Wireframing Kit

The missing Photoshop Wireframing tool

Some vector custom elements

Every wireframe can look different, unleash your creativity


Now you can prototype directly from Photoshop

This tool uses Photoshop Custom Shapes extension that generates vector wireframing shapes. It can be useful for all designers that use Photoshop as a primary graphic tool. If you use Photoshop to design web sites, apps and other projects why not use Photoshop for wireframing and prototyping. With this tool now you can easily mix vector custom shapes with the Photoshop native functionality to produce great mockups. There are about 382 vector / custom shapes and icons that you can use for wireframing. This project is also handy for making mobile wireframes for your Android, iPhone, iPad or Windows Phone apps.


Custom skin or size. Personalize the shapes as you please


With the previous Two shapes from the Kit we can do this:

This demo is built with only two of around hundred shapes included in the Kit. See more demos.


Price / Buy

The price is $ 29$ . This is probably one of the cheapest Wireframing Kit on the market. The Wireframing Icons are also included in the price. Once you buy the product all the additional updates will be free.

Note: You don't need a PayPal account to buy this Kit. You can use any credit or debit card.


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Released under PP License

by Vladimir Carrer
I have made various Wireframing and Prototyping tools in the past like: Sketchbook for web designers, Fireworks Mini Web Wireframing Kit, iPhone Wireframe Kit - Google Docs, iPhone Grid System, The Golden Grid - PSD .
This time I wanted to build solid and easy to use Wireframing Kit with continuous updates and improvements intended for professional wireframing work in Photoshop.
This is my attempt to fill the Photoshop Wireframing gap and to bring vector custom shapes mainly for web designers who are already using Photoshop for building web sites and other digital prototypes.
I wanted to make Wireframing Kit that will allow creative freedom and be able to produce creative, different looking prototypes. Photoshop vector shapes with Photoshop native features can truly produce original and different looking prototypes for different projects.
Not every project has the same goal and meaning. So why shouldn't we make different looking prototypes for every project. You can see some examples of different web prototypes in the demo section on this site.
If you have any question don't hesitate to email me and ask me anything, or you can ping me at my personal twitter account @vladocar